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15. Mai 2020 (Vinyl Releasedate: 12. Juni 2020)

G.U.C. 037-20

BITTERNESS “Dead World Order”

  CD / MC / Gatefold radioactive black yellow vinyl LP / 9 Tracks
old school Thrash Metal from Southgermany
7th full-length Album, Cover by A. Bouzikov, Mastering by Harris Johns

20. Dezember 2019

G.U.C. 036-19


  black vinyl LP / clear vinyl LP / 9 Tracks
German Horror Death Thrash Metal, Coverart by Tom Sullivan (Evil Dead Movies)

01. Dezember 2017

G.U.C. 035-17

STORMHUNTER “Stormhunter”

  black vinyl LP / gold black marbled vinyl LP / 7 Tracks
German Heavy Metal, like early Helloween & Running Wild

01. Oktober 2017

G.U.C. 034-17

DENY THE URGE “As Darkness Falls”

  CD / black vinyl LP / dark blue black vinyl LP / 13 Tracks
old school Brutal & Technical Death Metal

[feat. James Stewart (Vader) on drums]

15. April 2017

G.U.C. 033-17

BITTERNESS “Memories Of A Dying Past”

DIGI CD/11 Tracks
old school Thrash Metal meets Gothenburg Influences

[re-release of all their rare Vinyl Eps for the first time on CD, comes with Bouzikov Cover, all tracks are re-mastered]

01. Mai 2016

G.U.C. 032-16


yellow black vinyl LP/12 Tracks
German Heavy Metal, like early Helloween & Running Wild

01. Juni 2015

G.U.C. 031-15

KALI YUGA “Kali Yuga”

DIGI CD/10 Tracks
Melodic Death Metal, like Amon Amarth & Kataklysm

01. März 2015


G.U.C. 030-15-LP

BITTERNESS "Resurrexodus" out now!!!

LP in black red marbled vinyl/11 Tracks

100% German old school Thrash Metal

07. Februar 2015


G.U.C. 030-15-CD

BITTERNESS "Resurrexodus" out now!!!

CD/11 Tracks

100% German old school Thrash Metal

20. Dezember 2014

ZRYMGÖLL “Mighty Tavern” out now!!!

CD/15 Tracks

  Trolls & Beer Pagan Folk Metal from Argentina

01. August 2014

ANTIPEEWEE “Human Grill Party”  out now!!!

LP in green yellow vinyl/11 Tracks

 old school Thrashcore from Bavaria...
...for Fans of D.R.I. or S.O.D.

MORT DOUCE „The Valley Of Blood And Death“  out now!!!!

10“ in blue vinyl/6 Tracks

 old school Horror & Gore Death Metal from Poland...
...for Fans of early Asphyx

23. May 2014

G.U.C. #30 --- edition 2014 out now!!!

20. April 2014

G.U.C. proudly presents (official distribution in Europe):

1917 “Inexorable” CD out now!!!

Sophisticated Technical old school Death/Thrash Metal from Argentina

01. June 2013

DEMOGORGON “Where Is He...?" out now
Satanic & Anti-Christianity Death Metal from Poland

01. May 2013

G.U.C. #29 --- edition 2013 out now!!!

15. Februar 2013

BITTERNESS “10 Years in T.H.R.A.S.H.” out now!!!

Die Hard 5-Picure-LP-Box ~ lim. edit. 333 copies ~

5 x full-length albums, now released on vinyl & all Tracks remastered

100% German old school Thrash Metal

01. November 2012

KALI YUGA “Wrath Of Durga” CD out now!!!
  Melodic Death Metal, like Amon Amarth & Kataklysm

31. May 2012

G.U.C. #28 --- edition 2012 out now!!!

15. March 2012

BITTERNESS "The Final Declaration Of The End (Swansongs For The Faithful)" CD out now!!!
100% German old school Thrash Metal

12. October 2011

DENY THE URGE "In Consequense"  out now!!!
black/white marbled vinyl LP and the entire album on BONUS CD
Demo 2002 remastered and 2 new unreleased tracks 2010

Technical Death Metal from Lower Saxony

28. Mai 2011

G.U.C. #27 --- edition 2011 out now!!!

12. Februar 2011
KALI YUGA “Slaves To The Subliminal” CD out now!!!
swedish Death Metal meets Metalcore

25. Januar 2011

G.U.C. proudly presents (official distribution in Europe):

1917 “Brutal Miserable Drama” CD out now!!!

Philosophical Death Metal from Argentina

13. December 2010

GumoManiacs "Psychomania" LP out now!!!

Heavy Speed Thrash Metal from Bavaria

03. June 2010

G.U.C. #26 --- edition 2010 out now!!!

  01. December 2009

new Webshop online!!!

01. Octobre 2009

Altvater "Chroniken" CD + T-Shirt out now!!!

Mighty Epic Pagan Metal from Saxony

Deny The Urge "Blackbox Of Human Sorrow" T-Shirt available!!!

10. June 2009

G.U.C. #25 --- edition 2009 out now!!!


01. May 2009

Bitterness "Genociety" CD out now!!!

German old school Thrash meets Bay Area Influences



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